As we have spoken with many sheriffs and jail administrators across the country over the past several weeks, we have felt the need to try to find a solution to a few of the issues currently facing corrections professionals regarding training, namely:


  • Limited training opportunities for corrections professionals .
  • Travel bans placed on law enforcement for their own safety and security due to civil unrest and COVID-19.
  • Agency budgets being scrutinized due to current political/societal demands.

    Our solution to resolve the training issues caused by these current conditions is to combine both of our JAILCON20 regional training conferences into  ONE NATIONAL CONFERENCE. 


    This conference will be a customized event that will allow NIJO to offer quality, legal-based training to corrections professionals across the country that:


  • Keeps attendees, instructors, and vendors safe;
  • Does not take administrators and staff away from the facility;
  • Does not require staff to travel outside of their counties or states;
  • Saves agencies money on travel expenses;
  • Helps fulfill training requirements for 2020; and
  • Gives staff a much-needed morale boost and the opportunity to feel appreciated and valued in their career.
  • We invite you and your entire agency to join us for JAILCON 20/20!

    September 7-30, 2020
    Proudly Sponsored by WSSA