JAILCON21 Online Conference


Last year, the National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO) was forced to cancel live JAILCON conferences due to the challenges of COVID.  Because we couldn’t provide needed live training, we realized that the pandemic was preventing not only us, but nearly every agency in the country from providing needed corrections training. Our solution to this dilemma was to create JAILCON Online. To our amazement, JAILCON Online training was far more needed that even we anticipated.  In the fall of 2020, over 36,000 JAILCON Online sessions were taken by corrections officers from all over the country.

NIJO would like to once again invite you and your entire jail staff to join us this year at JAILCON21 Online Conference, which will take place nationwide October 4 – December 31, 2021.  


JAILCON21 will have over 40 hours of on-demand sessions as well as LIVE webinars with special guests and keynote speakers. This is a rare and remarkable opportunity to satisfy training requirements without placing an undue strain on your budget. 


The individual rate per person equates to less than $3/hour.  For those enrolling over 250 officers, the rate drops to less than $1.50/hour.  That is in addition to no outgoing expenses for travel, lodging and food.

JAILCON21 will continue to be the perfect gathering place for you and other detention and corrections professionals to:

    • Continue to learn more about what the law requires to run a constitutionally-safe detention facility.
    • Surround yourself with other individuals in corrections who offer solutions for some of the challenges and difficulties you face in your profession every day.
    • Discover what’s new in corrections-based products and services and meet some amazing corrections vendors.
    • Get that much needed morale boost you deserve, plus the opportunity to feel appreciated and valued in your career.